11 banks in Singapore offering Mortgage loan 2017
by Loan$upermart Specialist

11 Banks in Singapore offering Mortgage Loan 2017

There are many choices of banks that offer mortgage loan in Singapore. So many that most of us might not have even heard or known that they offer such service. That is what we will be talking in this post.

1 – POSB/DBS Bank.

Being the bank of Singapore, it will surely be unusual if the bank does not offer mortgage loans. In fact, the bank provides loans for private property or HDB flats and even for renovation loan.

2 – UOB Bank.

UOB bank being one of the more popular banks in Singapore. UOB offers a wide range of home loan services as well.

3 – OCBC Bank.

Offering HDB owners to borrow starting from $100k and above. OCBC are also 1 of the major players in the home loan industry.

4 – MayBank.

Maybank is 1 of the largest bank in Malaysia. It is common for the bank to be offering property loans to Singapore consumers.

5 – Citibank.

Citibank is offering very attractive offers to refer your friend to them. (As of 2017 April)

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6 – HSBC Bank.

HSBC bank is 1 of the 4 major clearing banks in United Kingdom.

7 – CIMB Bank.

The bank offers loan packages for private property to commercial property.

8 – Standard Chartered Bank.

Temasek Holdings is one of the largest shareholder for Standard Chartered Bank as of 2017 April. The bank offers commercial and personal mortgage loans.

9 – Bank of China. (Commercial Loans)

One of the oldest and largest banks in China. The bank offers commercial loan in Singapore.

10 – SBI Bank. (Commercial Loans)

State Bank of India offers consumer and commercial loan.

11 – RHB

RHB offers HDB loans, private property loans and commercial loans.

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