Engaging the bank or a broker
by Loan$upermart Specialist

Engaging the bank or a broker.

Often, the comparison between engaging the bank or a broker for home loan is a tedious choice. Basically, a mortgage broker is a representative from a company providing different rates from different banks. While engaging a bank, you are tied down to the options on the individual bank’s offerings.

So why go through the hassle? The reason why people are having tough times to make a selection is because of reliability. Some home owners or loan takers feels that it is much simpler to use the bank for loan services. While they might be right on this point, it may cause them to lose a huge deal on a better interest rate.

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A mortgage broker is like a source for the best interest rate available in the market for an easy choice making. Comparing bank rates are a complicating task whereby many factors should be considered. The loan broker acts as a middle man to give you unbiased results for your loan repayment.

Yes, there might be situations whereby a mortgage broker favors a certain bank over others. This situations are due to the deals struck between the bankers and the brokers. Apparently, there are many firms out there practicing such techniques but consumer have grown smarter in Singapore today.

Over the years with the usage of internet, people can obtain results from websites and other sources. On the surface, these results seemed accurate and competitive but it is subjective to the applicant’s approval. That is why financial brokers are there to service their client.

More savings means happier outcome for a loan in the long run. No body would mind to save more on their loan baggage. To put in simple terms, putting your money in good hands is better than bleeding it away from hidden holes.


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