Singapore property cooling measures since 2009 – Part I of VII
by Loan$upermart Specialist

If you’re new to the world of housing and property issues, mortgage loans and what-not, you may be less than familiar with the previous 7 rounds of property cooling measures (the 8th round of cooling measures, which is also the latest, was covered in ‘New home loan rules explained’).

While the past measures were implemented years ago, with the first round of cooling measures taking place in 2009, it may be beneficial for those new to the property-buying scene to learn about them so as to have an overview on how housing in Singapore has evolved over the years.

In this upcoming 7-part series of articles, Loan$upermart brings you up to speed on the measures adopted by the government since 2009 in its various attempts to stabilise the residential real estate market in Singapore.

1st round of Singapore Property Measures – 14 September 2009
Back in 2009, the government announced for the first time, in what’s to be a series of attempts at dousing the red-hot property market for the next 4 years, measures to cool down the rising intensity in the private housing market.


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